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The main object

  • amorphous silicon alloys (thin films)
  • nanocrystalline Si deposition, characterization, modification
  • transparent conductive oxides
  • solar cells

The main motiv

  • Establishing the correlation between thin films properties and growing conditions
  • Deposition- by using magnetron sputtering, PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition)
  • Thin film characterisation:
    • optical properties
    • structural properties (IR spectroscopy, Raman, Micoscopy)
    • composition and chemical ordering (vibrational spectroscopy, nuclear methods)
  • Thin film modification:
    • thermal annealing
    • laser annealing
    • crystallization
  • Amorphous and nano-crystalline silicon alloys
  • Amorphous and nano-crystalline hydrogenated silicon (a-Si:H)
  • Amorphousand nano-crystalline hydrogenated silicon carbide (a-Si1-xCx:H)


  • opto-electronic devices
  • photovoltaic solar cells
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