PV group (future Laboratory Materials for Energy Conversion)

The main activity is exploring the possibility of using quantum effects in modeling macroscopic properties of materials for use in different kind of optoelectronic devices (solar cells, radiation detectors, and other kinds of sensors). Currently, the main materials are thin Si films with structure on the transition between amorphous and crystalline phase and various kinds of oxide materials with emphasis on use the nano-structures in photovoltaic transition.

Thin films are deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition through external collaboration and by magnetron sputtering using own deposition system. These experiments have dual purposes – one is the deposition of samples with certain properties and other is study of microprocesses of growth and establishment of correlation between plasma parameters and properties of deposited films.

PL has continuous collaboration with various RBI groups, as well as with other laboratories in Croatia and abroad concerning synthesis and characterization of samples and in particular development of models that connects density of electron and vibrational states with nano sized and arrangement on atom scale.

Activities of the group are compatible with EU-FP7 priorities, in particularly concerning nanoscience,nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies and Energy, and much efforts are and will be put into receiving funds from these sources.

In addition to research, large effort is also placed on applications, particularly those related to photovoltaic solar cells.

Selected five publications for the past 10 years:

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